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Naryn Sukhait Coal mine methane project

Location: Naryn Sukhait bituminous coal property is located in the territory of Omnogovi aimag, in 34 km south of Gurvantes, 296 km west of Dalanzadgad town, 849 km southwest of Ulaanbaatar city and 56 km north of Shiveekhuren border port.

Electrical Supply of NS

Coal Mine Methane (CMM) is a byproduct produced during the formation of coal from organic residue and refers to methane adsorbed into the solid matrix of coal. It is sometimes referred to as coal seam gas, because it may contain other gases such as CO2. CH4 has 21 times higher impact a GHG than that of CO2

Total gas in place between the p90 to p10 gas resource forecasts is 505.61 – 954.88 million cubic meters.


1. NS is strategically important deposit for coking coal export to China.
2. Ready and long term reliable demand for electricity.
3. NS coal deposit has significant source of methane which can be converted to electricity.
4. Potential to produce 204.1 million cubic meters of gas by the proposed 12 well pilot drainage system.
5. Proposed pilot project could produce enough gas to fuel a 8.5 MW power generation facility to be used by the mine.
6. The capital costs are estimated to be $7.7 million USD with an IRR of 16.1 percent and a payback period of 6.75 years.
7. Carbon emissions would be reduced by 187,900 tons of CO2 over the project’s 15 year life.