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MAK CTL LLC CTL Project on Aduunchuluun deposit

Mongolia is considered as an energy dependent country. All oil products are imported from Russia and China. However, it is a 10th largest coal resource holder in the World. Limited availability of crude oil resources in future, increasing price for oil and continuous improvement of CTL technology make such project attractive to invest as long as raw materials are available.

MAK has performed extensive research works for coal processing in particular a coal liquefaction test works in overseas. This project is for Coal-To-Liquid and Power generation based on Aduunchuluun deposit.
The project area is located in Dornod aimag (Eastern province) 660 km East from Ulaanbaatar.

Coal reserve: 467 Mt
Coal quality: Brown coal 2,500 Kcal/kg

Pre- Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design completed by Fluor Corp (2013)

Coal Upgrading Tests (2006, 2008, 2010)

  • RWE- Germany
  • White Energy Co- Australia
Gasoline with Octane 92
Liquefied petroleum