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MAK started to diversify its business from 1998 by investing into the Alagtolgoi thermal coal property and expanded new coal business by commissioning new coal mine Eldev on the same deposit in 2000. Mongolia was importing high rank thermal coal from Russia due to local coal mine operations substantially deteriorated prior to operation of this Eldev coal mine. Therefore, Eldev coal mine has become the first privately invested coal operation that substituted successfully high cost imported coal.

Location: Eldev coal mine is located in Dalanjargalan soum of Dornogovi aimag, in 330 km southeast of Ulaanbaatar city, 60 km southeast of Choir town and 22 km east of Olon Ovoot station of Trans Mongolian railway.

Production: Current coal production capacity is 500,000 TPA coal based upon the market demand for high rank thermal coal. The coal is marketed to such large Mongolian enterprises as Erdenet Mining Corporation, Khutul Cement and Lime Plant, Darkhan Power Station, Darkhan Metallurgical Plant and Ulaanbaatar Railway Systems etc.

Laboratory:Eldev mine was commissioned in July 2008 and it has been accredited by the National Center for Standardization and Metrology. The laboratory performs various chemical and other analysis under the Mongolian MNS and a US ASTM standards.

Semi coking demonstration plant

This demonstration plant is located at the railway station of the Trans Mongolian railway in 22 km from Eldev mine and was brought into operation on March 2011. With its full capacity, it can produce 75,000 TPA semi cokes (smokeless fuel). 60% of the product (+10 mm size) are marketed to the Ulaanbaatar city households and 30% (-10mm) of the semi-cokes are supplied to small heating boilers of the city during the winter time.

Semi-coking process of the raw coal is environmental friendly project which reduces air pollution of Ulaanbaatar city. It has been proved that emission from the semi-cokes of Eldev is decreased 3-4 times compared to that of raw coals and consumption is reduced significantly, while burning such semi-cokes do not emit visible smokes.