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Mineral Exploration Department is engaged in ranges of geological exploration activities for coals, metallic minerals, construction materials, petroleum, hydrogeology, geophysics and data processing.

Coal exploration

Detailed exploration campaign completed at Aduunchuluun, Khoot and Naryn Sukhait coal properties.

Мetallic Minerals

Various stages of geological exploration in metallic minerals properties such as Tsagaan Suvarga, Tumen Olzii, Sevkhul Tolgoi and Khuren Khamar.

During past years, detailed exploration was completed at Serven Sukhait area of Tsagaan Suvarga property and the mineable reserves and resources were reported to the National Reserves Fund by having approved at the Mineral Resources Certification Committee, the Ministry of Mining in 2009.
Exploration and resources reporting were completed also in gold placer properties in Zag, Jargalant and Gurvanbulag soums of Bayankhongor aimag.

Exploration for Construction raw materials

Raw materials for construction were explored and resources were reported for properties such as Denjyn Els sand, Khukh Tsav limestone, Hant gravel, Manj Tolgoi gravel, Dorvoljin perlite and Zuun Kheseg gypsum.

Petroleum Exploration

Petroleum exploration campaigns shall be performed at the Tuhum X block in accordance with the scopes of the Product Sharing Agreement signed with the Petroleum Authority of Mongolia dated July 2012.

Geophysical survey

– Electric resistivity,
– Electromagnetic survey,
– Borehole geophysics,
– Nuclear magnetic resonance (hydro geology)


Extensive hydrogeological campaigns are conducted for exploration of the underground water source in order to supply water for MAK projects, including Tsagaan Suvarga copper & molybdenum, Khukh Tsav Cement, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, Aduunchuluun and Naryn Sukhait coal mines.

Data processing

All data collected during the field exploration campaigns are processed at the Mineral Exploration Department for further reading, analyzing and reporting the resources.
Various data processing software used including Geobank, Micromine and ArcGIS.