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Research Center of MAK performs project related studies and surveys including but not limited to conceptual and feasibility studies, engineering designs, process selection, laboratory and pilot scale testworks and new business development in the field of mineral processing.
In addition, it also engaged in process optimization of mining and processing plants, commercialization of new technology and commissioning of equipment and various joint studies with similar institutes etc.

Coal Chemical Laboratory

MAK laboratories perform the following analysis and surveys in accordance with the standard compliance as set forth in Mongolian National Standard (MNS) and American ASTM:

Analysis Types

-Technical analysis (moisture, ash, volatile matter, heat value, fixed carbon, total sulphur),
-Elemental analysis (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen),
-Semi coking test (recovery of semi cokes, coal tar, coal gas, residual water),
-Free Swelling Index,
-Rog Index,
-Washability tests (Screening, washability level etc.)
-Physical properties (Hardgrove Index)
-Process development and evaluation of CHPP plant.

Coal laboratories employ latest analysis tools and high end equipment as follows:

-LECO TGA 701 technical analysis machine,
-LECO TruSpec elemental analysis machines,
-AC 500 heat value analyzer,
-Hardgrove tester,
-Fischer analyzer for oil shale, coal semi coking,
-Free Swelling Index analyzer,
-Complex analyzer for coal washability,
-Fluorescence x-ray analyzer for chemical composition.

Mineral Processing Laboratory:

This laboratory is engaged in mineral ore and coal processing tests, process flowsheet development and optimization, new technology installation, laboratory and pilot scale tests for new equipment, evaluation of exploration properties and preparation of feasibility studies for development of mineral deposits.

Mineral Processing Laboratory of the Research Center conducts the following analysis and estimation:

– Ore preparation: Physical properties of coal and other minerals are analyzed for hardgrove and grindability, mineral ores researches are estimated for size distribution of milled materials, process design of the ore preparation unit of new plant, mill productivity and grinding efficiency estimates and steel liners and ball consumption rate etc.

– Ore processing: Flotation and specific gravity tests are conducted and process design is developed. Laboratory scale testing is made for reagent configuration and consumption with latest tools and software.

– Statistical processing: Forecast estimate and modelling are developed for ore processing indicators of the existing and future operations based upon databases of technological design and chemical and physical properties of the mineral ores.

– Tools and equipment: HF jaw and roller crushers, Gilson SS8R sieve shaker, Bico bond mill.