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Objective of the “Sumber” Agricultural project of MAK is to develop crop farming and intensive cattle farming with latest technology, in Khalkh Gol soum, Dornod aimag.
This project is scheduled to commission by 2020 and it shall create 221 new job places.

Project specifications

• Intensive farming of local cattle breed by improving with Angus and Limousin types and local sheep breed by interbreeding with Suffolk and Dorset types (cattle live weight before processing 420-450, sheep live weight before processing 40-42).
• Fodder and silage crops in 1,500 non-irrigated and 1,000 irrigated plantations,
• Production of elite seed and supply regional market,
• Improvement of 6,000-8,000 hectare forage grassland and increase fodder harvest 8-10 metric quintal per hectare. Prepare 5,000-6,000 tons grass fodder per year for supply to cattle farming,
• Set up production facilities for animal fodder with latest technology,
• Develop meat processing plant with required facilities and high performance equipment,
• Prepare high quality meat products under international standard such as ISO and market domestically and internationally.

Target livestock growth

5,000 dam of cattle and 10,000 dam of sheep by 2017, and 3,750 heads of young cattle and 8,100 young sheep for meat processing.

Project Outcome

• Contribute to development of Khalkh Gol, a remote frontier region of Mongolia, and progress agricultural industry in the eastern part of the country,
• Improve the quality of livestock breed,
• Train local herders and hire to the Project by creating new job places.