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Principals of the environmental policy:

All business activities of our company are closely monitored in accordance with the laws on environmental protection and rehabilitation of Mongolia. However, MAK, as one of the leading Mongolian companies, always try to outperform beyond legal obligations and duties by protecting and/or restoring a mother nature with the mentality of caring nature at all mines and project sites.
MAK expended considerable amount of funding, until today, in order to create the least environmental impact from the project development and such policy for environmental protection shall increase a lot.
We have set a good behavior and mentality at our mines and project sites for environmental protection and these were confirmed positively by various visits and due diligence trips by local and state level professional inspection agencies and environmental consultants hired by international banks and financial institutions.
All projects and mine sites of MAK are developed with equipment and technology acceptable to the international standards and under consultancy and supervision by world recognized engineering firms. All environmental related laws and rules are strictly observed at all project sites and activities are planned to prevent, mitigate, protect from and restore out of negative impacts to the environment, if any.

Environmental protection behavior of the Company:

Environmental protection starts not from the production or commissioning of a project, but it has to commence from the feasibility studies and engineering design stages.
Our performance shall observe laws and regulations of Mongolia and international standards. Education, enlightening and advocacy for environmental protection and Mother Nature shall play important role besides abiding by the rules.


The most and foremost objectives are to mitigate ad/or make the impact to the lowest level possible under team work of the company.

Environmental policy:

-Use mineral resources on a long term and sustainable basis with good return, and observe standards, rules and regulations for the environmental protections, and involve internal and independent monitoring mission to supervise environmental actions.
-Establish constructive cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations and community who operate in the field of environmental protection at regional and local level.
-Keep good contact with international environmental organizations and utilize the best of international standards into our own operation and project development.
-Mineral resources which shall not be renewed, must be produced diligently and marketed after processing.
-Mineral production (mining) technology has to possess the highest efficiency in order to produce mineral resources with the least unmined wastes.
-Protect customary tradition of local community located close to project areas and train employees on how to observe those traditions and their cultural heritage etc.
-Advocate and inform the company’s policy for environmental protection to MAK’s partners and contractors and require them to observe the policy and rules at similar stage as MAK.