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Mongolyn Alt (MAK) Corporation is developing its good governance policy as the integral part of the business and organizational development. To increase our values and realize the missions and visions of our company we always consider the best international practices, always compare and monitor whether our decisions are meeting the international standards and supporting the sustainability.
We do our best to follow up the good governance principles in every our operations engaging all our business stakeholders including our employees, management team, investors and partners. The internal company rules, regulations and overall business policy require the consideration of internationally accepted standards and criterions.
Implementing the good governance requirements MAK is leading to the responsible, transparent and honest decision making way of business operations and private company management. We are working to make bigger differences in the public opinion and attitude regarding the mining, heavy industry and economic development. Our goal is to build up sustainable development environment for the country and increase Mongolian economy relatively to our business. Our governance should call for more and more foreign direct investment to our business and call for invitations to operate there from all over the country.


In Mongolyn Alt (MAK) Corporation we recognize that all our operations should be maximum friendly to people, planet and country’s development, we do our best to keep the negative impacts to the people, nature and environment in lowest possible level. Every single decision from our management and employees considers those three factors, people, planet and Mongolia. As the biggest national business entity and wealth maker we always increase our power to move forward the country’s development, population’s quality of living and heritages for the future.

We believe that many other national businesses will join us to create more for the community. We always welcome those who are feeling their responsibilities on social wellbeing. MAK is always thinking on what is the best to be demised to our next and we found that most importantly we should leave developed country, healthy and happy population, wise and educated youth, respected enjoying elders and the world level reputation of Mongolia. Every single employee of MAK has accepted that we are working hard exactly for this.

As the company which is creating the social wealth we recognize our social responsibility as the key to the sustainability and we developed our CSR and Sustainable development policy to support income increase of Mongolian families, health and hygiene of the community, their education, comfortable and joyful living of herdsmen families in regions where we operate. The CSR and Sustainable Development policy is the critical document and way of our operation