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The core health and safety policies of MAK is that every employee must return home after work with zero injuries and work related diseases.
There are no business or business objectives more important than the health and safety of our employees.
All injuries and accidents at the work place are avoidable.
The health and safety have dual liabilities, one posted at the company’s management and the other is delegated to each employee self-consciousness.

Safety Principals

-Company’s managers and executive personnel shall set an example in health and safety towards all employees,
-Constant training for new standards and experiences in health and safety shall help the company to be the best enterprise in safety,
-All stakeholder of the project development, including MAK employees, contractors and customers, are encouraged to observe the same rules and regulations, and share the best experience between themselves,


-Develop, introduce and improve the health and safety management system throughout the company,
-Determine potential risk areas for injuries and accidents, and keep the risks at minimal level if dangers cannot be foreseen,
-Work place health and safety environment shall be created and evaluated in close cooperation and consultation with employees,
-Contractors to the company shall be required to keep health and safety rules and requirements as equal to MAK,
-Systematic approaches shall be developed to implement health and safety management at corporate and project levels and allocate required funds to implement the management plan and improve the performance,
-Develop performance scales and plan of actions for corporate health and safety and advertise these throughout the company to all employees,
-Observe the laws and legislation of Mongolia and international standards in health and safety,
-Health and safety culture shall be cultivated amongst employees and contractors, and implant the disciplines to prevent any risks and accidents at work place,
-Employee are provided with task and responsibilities with regard to health and safety.