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Objectives of MAK Fund

The objective of MAK Fund is to strengthen small and medium size enterprises (SME) by providing financial subsidy and training programs, and create new jobs.

Range of activities of MAK Fund

-Soft loan provision and training programs for SME entrepreneurs,
-Support with lending to SME who create new jobs, and provide business incubation training,
-Exchange program between successful SME entrepreneurs who were supported with loan, at domestic and international level,
-Conduct research works based upon the Fund’s activates,
-Promote business activities of SME who had cooperation with the Fund, to the public and involve SMEs to various exhibition and trade shows.

Sponsorships and community related activities of MAK Fund

-Completion of 120 children capacity new kindergarten, fully furnished and equipped with toys, in Dalanjargalan soum, Dornogovi aimag,
-Construction of 320 children capacity secondary school and 120 children capacity dormitory in Gurvantes soum, Omnogovi aimag,
-Sponsorship of Student Festival for three consecutive years in Dornod aimag,
-Development of 12 household apartment building for border military staff at Ovoot unit, Omnogovi aimag,
-Sponsorship of 90 students in domestic and international universities and technical colleges,
-Sponsorship of Presentation Skill Competition “Titem Ug” amongst 1,960 high school students and award of tuition fees for winners of the competition,
-Organization of “Young Teacher’s Association” in Dornod aimag and sponsorship of training “Teacher Growth”,
-Training for development of 60 specialized teachers,
-Herdsmen support program “Bonus for Baby Camel” in Mandakh soum, Dornogovi aimag and Gurvantes soum, Omnogovi aimag, with bonus award to camel herdsmen for 1797 baby camels in total,
-Community relief programs for local elders and supply of fodder to herdsmen families during winter time.